Thursday, 10 May 2012

Latest correspondence with LCC's Executive Councillor for Highways & Transport

My second sentence referred to an agreed arrangement of some kind between SKDC and residents, approved and implemented by LCC's CPE contractor, and legally enforceable.

I mentioned other groups as they would be consulted as part of the normal process for implementing a Traffic Regulation Order. You are correct that we would be ready to process an application at any time.

I think you are aware that we have done this for the City of Lincoln for a number of years, although I think I should point out that I understand that it took the City Council some time to work with their local community before they were ready to ask us to carry out the legal work required to implement a residents' parking scheme.

There would also be a problem in bringing in any scheme prior to the start of CPE as there would be no enforcement. In Lincoln this is overcome by the City Council funding a traffic warden.

Although I always try to respond to correspondence from residents, wherever in the County, I believe that now I have explained the County Council's position you need to work with SKDC, as it is that council which will need to progress the introduction of Residents' Parking Schemes in their Authority area.


Cllr William Webb
Executive Councillor for Highways & Transport
Lincolnshire County Council 


 Thank you for this.  Please could you clarify for me:-

The arrangements you refer to in your second sentence are in fact a full Residents’ Scheme approved by LCC as set out in LCC’s parking policy?

Your final paragraph implies that LCC would consider approving an application by SKDC for a  scheme before CPE begins. Is this the case?

The same paragraph also implies that LCC would do nothing to assist were there not to be a scheme in place by the time CPE is introduced and instead would leave SKDC to suggest an interim solution solely within its own powers. Is this also the case?

Thanks again,

Richard Cleaver

From: CllrW Webb
Sent: 01 May 2012 14:37
To: Richard Cleaver
Cc: CllrD Brailsford; Brian Thompson; Mike Nicholls; Richard Hardesty
Subject: Residents' Parking in Stamford


LCC confirm that Residents Parking Schemes will be administered by district councils.  There is nothing to prevent districts making progress on the blueprint of their proposals – indeed, some districts are well on the way in this regard.

Under CPE, LCC parking attendants will enforce the existing regulations until local arrangements have been agreed between residents, traders, the Town Council and the District/Borough Council involved.

In the meantime, if local arrangements in Stamford have not been agreed at the time that CPE is introduced, then an interim solution involving permit parking in SKDC’s public car parks seems to present a possible option.


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