Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Stamford Town Council briefed on CPE by LCC Officer

At the end of June Brian Thompson, the LincsCC officer in charge of on-street parking, briefed Stamford Town Council as follows:-

  • The CPE implementation date was still October 2012.
  • APCOA would be responsible for enforcement.
  • Nottinghamshire CC would be responsible for collecting fines.
  • Residents would get one week’s warning/period of grace when CPE is implanted, after that enforcement would start.
  • The best case scenario for the introduction of any permit parking scheme would be 6 months after CPE comes in: the delay is due to lack of action on SKDC’s part.
  • SKDC Communities Policy Development Group would visit Stamford in July to assess the situation
Nobody from any of the Stamford community groups involved in this issue were invited to attend.

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