Tuesday, 24 July 2012

St Leonard's Street Area in Stamford formally applies for a Residents' Permit Scheme

The St Leonard's Street neighbourhood has written to SKDC as follows:

Following our meeting with you and Frances Cartwright back in May, I have written to all the households in St Leonard’s Street, Brazenose Lane, Gas Lane, Brownlow Terrace, the top end of  St George’s Street, and the north side of Wharf Road between its junction with Gas Lane and its junction with St Leonard’s Street, in Stamford.

In my letter to them, I asked them for their view on the following proposal:-

“South Kesteven District Council should make an application to the Lincolnshire County Council to operate a Residents’ Permit Parking Scheme for residents of St Leonard’s Street and Brazenose Lane and adjoining streets1 who have no access to off-street parking on their property. The scheme would provide exemption from the two-hour parking limits on St Leonard’s Street and Brazenose Lane but would not guarantee the holder a parking space at any time.

1Adjoining streets include St George’s Street, Gas Lane, Brownlow Terrace, and the north side of Wharf Road from the bottom of Gas Lane to the junction with St Leonard’s Street. Developments with their own parking such as Danegeld Place, Watergate, and Old School Court are not included.”

I received 81 responses – 80 in favour and one against. Of the 80 in favour, 12 households indicated that they have off-street parking available at their properties and the remaining 68 indicated that they do not.

As a result, I should be grateful if you would treat this email as a formal request from these households to SKDC to apply to the Lincolnshire County Council to provide a Residents’ Permit Scheme as described above.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. - it gives a good idea of what needs to be done for the reaidents in Broad St (and Ironmonger St). Steve


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