Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Response from South Kesteven District Council...

Mrs Neal, the leader of SKDC has just sent the following response.....

"At this stage I am not able to give you any detail as we have not been made aware of LCC's response to the consultation. SKDC has stated it will assist by developing residents' parking schemes, as LCC has stated it will not cover any costs, but any scheme will have to cover it's costs.

I understand LCC has again missed it's own deadline for submission to the Dept for Transport re CPE and at present I do not know when it is intended to be done.

In my view, LCC with responsibility for highways is failing in it's duty by not agreeing to provide any residents parking schemes itself as part of CPE. If as a result of the recent consultation LCC has a change of heart then brilliant. If not SDKC has listened and will assist."


  1. A general comment really - it's made my day, coming across the progress being made and the shared concerns of our fellow residents. We've been involved in sending letters to Cllr Neal and Cllr Webb but it felt like individually we were getting nowhere (and only one response to four letters!). Great work everybody and we'll support you every step of the way until a sensible and workable solution to resident's parking is found. the poster is going in my window tonight!

  2. I was wondering what others thought about at what point we should push for a fair deal, regarding a residents' parking scheme? Obviously it would be good to know who'll be responsible first, but I believe it's only fair that any scheme takes into account the number of cars the average house has and the fact we occasionally have visitors.

    I've lived in several big towns and cities and every scheme allowed for at least two cars, sometimes more, and scratch-off vouchers for visitors.

    At this stage I'm sure we all agree that any firm decision on residents' parking would be fantastic. But I think at some point the time will come to make sure any scheme is fair and taking into account the majority of residents' needs.

  3. Where I work - if a job needs doing - we dont worry about whose responsible for it - we just get on and make it happen.

    Shame we are not seeing similar here! I would welcome Mrs Neal to live in our neighbourhood for a few days to help her understand the real issues.

    On the cost front - has anyone figured out how much it would be? Is it not obvious that we as residents are happy to help foot the bill?

  4. I totally agree! I see the police have issued residents in Bath Row with a slip of paper showing they live there and are exempt from restrictions. The cost - a sheet of A4 paper and some printer ink.

    What I find so frustrating is that so many towns and cities - including neighbouring towns - already have residents parking. It can't be too hard to model any scheme on what they've got - the issues must be broadly similar.

    I'd be very happy to help foot the bill - anything is better than having to worry about parking my car 15 minutes from where I live come June 2012!


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