Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Positive clarification from SKDC

Residents' representatives had a very positive meeting earlier today with the SKDC officer responsible for residents' parking.  Points of clarification included:-
SKDC would like responses to the draft policy it has issued on the basis that this sets an SKDC-wide framework within which schemes for individual zones would fit. They should also like to receive comments on the design of each individual zone scheme including the zone boundaries.

SKDC expects to draft the individual zone schemes within a few weeks. These will then be sent to every houshold within each zone for consultation. If this consultation receives approval of a majority of respondents who would be eligible for a permit, then SKDC will submit the proposed scheme to the Lincolnshire County Council (LCC).

LCC is then required to carry out a statutory consultation before it can enact the necessary changes to the on-street parking orders. This means that Residents' schemes could be in place by May or June next year.

SKDC will develop a communications plan to ensure that all the people affected by this process are made aware of it.

It was made clear that although the SKDC draft policy document does not say so explicitly, the intention is that each zone scheme should contain the most appropriate mix of 'residents-only between 8am & 6pm' spaces and 'Residents exempt from the time limit' spaces. It is not the intention to offer only 'Residents'-only' spaces or nothing.

In the interim between enforcement commencing on 3 December and any residents' schemes coming into operation, SKDC is willing to offer a discounted season ticket for the SKDC car parks to cover the interim period only.  These season tickets would be valid in all car parks, including the short stay ones, and would allow overnight parking in all car parks. This is all SKDC can offer. Any interim concessions regarding on-street parking would have to come from LCC as the highway authority.

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