Wednesday, 27 November 2013

SKDC to approve updated Residents' Parking Scheme!

While there has not been a lot to update everyone on, the council officers have been busy working up a residents’ parking scheme, in discussion with the residents' action group. The good news is that we have now seen the proposed Residents’ Parking Scheme that goes to the SKDC cabinet for approval on 2 December 2013. The key points are:

·         A permit will allow you to stay in the time restricted bays in the Scheme Zone Mon-Sun, without restriction
·         There will be a single  Scheme Zone for Stamford rather than the 5 initially proposed.
·         You can have one permit per household, but up to 4 cars listed on it – Cost £50 pa
·         Books of 10 visitor day permits will be available as well (with or without a permit) – Cost £15
·         Businesses can also use the scheme
·         The Scheme Zone extended from the earlier proposal  to include Barnack Rd, but excludes Gresley Drive
·         The Scheme Zone excludes Short/Long Term Parks, part of Bath Row and part of Broad St
·         Only cars and bikes will be eligible – permits will not be available for trailers, caravans or vans
·         The new scheme should be in place before the current permits expire (31 March 2014)
·         The scheme can be applied District-wide
It still needs to be approved and implemented, but it looks like SKDC have listened to what we have been saying to them, which is a result for residents as well as businesses and visitors to Stamford.
If you want to know more, see item 6 on the SKDC cabinet agenda:
Scheme Zone:

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