Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Excellent coverage on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning

There was excellent coverage of our campaign on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning. Listen to it here on iPlayer:

There are two interviews and the coverage begins 2:38:10 into the programme.


  1. Mrs Neal's still talking about a temporary solution in the SKDC car parks. That may work for some but is no use to mothers like Emma who was interviewed, or anyone with difficulty walking, or people coming home late at night. Why can't SKDC go shoulder to shoulder with LCC to provide a temporary on-street solution till the formal scheme is in place? It would save a lot of grief all round, including to SKDC and their parking wardens. Clare Humm, All Saints' Place

  2. I believe residents are still a small proportion of the cars parked on the streets on a daily basis, so I agree there should be a temporary on-road solution until it's sorted. Just wait until the complaints about vandalised cars start flooding in - and full car parks!

  3. That seems like goodish news, lets hope we get an exemption for parking in the car parks which is better than nothing, although it will still be annoying not to be able to park in the road assuming there is a space! Like Emma I may consider moving if it all gets too irritating!!
    from Stella Mackness

  4. Mealy-mouthed rubbish from the leader of the body that we elect and pay to represent our interests. Presumably any car-park solution will involve some form of permit to be displayed - then why not use a permit to advise the parking enforcement people that the vehicle belongs to a resident when parked outside their house?
    SKDC have had ample time to prepare some form of scheme but have proved themselves utterly incompetent and deaf to the voice of a portion of their electorate.


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