Friday, 23 December 2011

An update from Cllr William Webb, Chair of Lincolnshire CC Highways Committee

I note the comments made by Cllr Mrs Neal but I am unsure if she is fully aware of the changes we will be making to our parking policy. We received comments from most of the seven district councils suggesting that the criteria for introducing residents parking schemes were too rigid – therefore, we amended this section of the policy to allow more flexibility. The changes were accepted by the Highways Transport and Technology Scrutiny Committee at their meeting on 12 December, and I intend to formally approve the policy, with amendments, early in January. 

When I visited Stamford recently to remind myself of the parking issues in the town, I was accompanied by an officer from South Kesteven District Council and he indicated that his council would be working with local communities to promote residents parking.

 In terms of our current programme for implementing CPE we have been dependent on gaining formal support from all of the district councils. The current position is that we have this from six, and expect City of Lincoln to make a decision early in the new year.  If we receive their approval, that will allow us to submit our application to Department for Transport  ready for them to consider it at their next available window (which is April 2012). If they take their usual six months to process the application, this would allow us to implement CPE early Autumn next year.

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