Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I don't know why Linda Neal is giving the impression of supporting the cause but not seemingly getting anything done in a timely manner. In recent correspondence from her she was still expressing what she "aims" to do, rather than what she "is" doing.  Worrying. Why is she so behind with this? 

Supposedly she's been pushing this since 2009 (her email said she'd presented a paper to LCC in this regard back then) and for sure she's had months to get the work done since CPE was announced.
Either SKDC is staggeringly incompetent in putting together its application to LCC or Linda Neal has little desire to support this essential scheme. Perhaps it’s both.

And it's all been so very simple for her and her team:
1) SKDC has known about the need for permits for some time - residents have been campaigning for them for years; 
2) SKDC knows the process and timeframe it needs to work to in order to get the application approved by LCC;
3) SKDC knew the timetable for the CPE application and therefore how soon residents would need permits. 

Now she's claiming the application couldn't be put in until after CPE had been approved.  Rubbish.
Is there anyone who knows what's been done of any consequence?
It's about time SKDC lived up to its motto "working for you".

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