Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stamford: The latest from Lincolnshire County Council...

This is the text which is now being sent in reply to all queries:

" The County Council is acutely aware of the concerns of many Stamford residents on the implications of CPE; specifically upon the availability of parking arrangements for residents' cars on the town's streets.
Whilst CPE is the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council, we intend to work proactively with other agencies who wish to include special arrangements for residents' parking that will become feasible with the introduction of CPE.
The matter was raised with senior officials at the Highways Scrutiny meeting on 24 October.  Subsequently, it was agreed that Cllr Webb, together with LCC Highways officers, will visit the town in an attempt to address the implications of CPE upon residents, businesses, and visitors."

I have also learnt that a meeting involving LCC councillors & officers and SKDC officers has already been set up to take place within the next two weeks to start to take the issue forward. 


  1. This is good news that we are being listened to. I hope the outcome will be exemption passes for the residents of St Leonard's St., of which I am one, and the other roads, especially in view of the present road alterations which will lead to even fewer spaces in this area. from Stella Mackness

  2. Agree. Good news that they are taking notice. It makes sense for LCC Highways officers to come and have a look at the issues. In fact, it's almost quite funny that they weren't initially planning to!! I suppose that's why we end up with strange mini roundabouts! No-one ever bothers to actually get themselves out of their ivory towers to see if something is needed, or not needed (as the case may be).
    Dean Cornish

  3. I moved to St Leonard's St 10 years ago when there was ample parking on Brownlow St and Cherry Holt Road. The first blow was large areas of Brownlow being cordonned off as private parking by adjoining businesses and now Cherry Holt parking has disappeared to accommodate yet another gated community.
    Stamford town centre is unusually residential. Because we can walk into town we use High Street businesses regularly and help keep the town alive. We should not be penalised for choosing to live at the heart of the community - and you cannot simply say park somewhere else when there is nowhere left to park.
    Parking in Stamford is a much bigger issue. I regularly meet people all over the country who mention they once visited Stamford but couldn't park, so left again! On a wider note,I do feel that no new building in the town centre should be given planning permission unless it provides for two parking spaces per unit and that the provision of a multi storey car park, along with residential parking permits should be a high priority if the town is to thrive.


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