Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making it obvious

Residents’ Permits is a simple proposition and one that shouldn’t have an impact on visitors, trade or businesses. Visitors will still be able to come and go as they do now, parking in the 2 hour slots or in the car parks if they want to stay longer. That won't change. And just because we live here doesn't mean we park our cars on our street all day long. It won't be any different to now in that respect.
There are loads of people in town who live on streets that have restricted parking, and who don't have a driveway or garage etc. When CPE comes in we're going to be penalised for living in the town centre.
And just to point out that there are also residents who will be affected by this change to parking enforcement as visitors to Stamford park on streets without parking restrictions further from the town centre in order to avoid car park fees.
We’re not asking for spaces specifically set aside for residents. We’re wanting to be allowed to park near our homes without having to move our car every two hours.
We’re not expecting it to be free; the council has to administer the permits somehow. But we hope they're not going to make it so expensive that no-one will want to or be able to buy the permits.
And it’s not rocket science to bring such a scheme into fruition. It’s not a new, untested idea – they’re all over the country and there are already two in the county as it is!
I know people drive into town to go to work so we’re not expecting residents to be the only ones who have access to a permit scheme, but we are fighting for residents. (The businesses will have to look after their staff.)
But the County Council seem to be making it complicated and, by passing the buck from County to District and back again it’s their way of washing their hands of it.
“Working for you”, SKDC’s motto isn’t quite ringing true at the moment.

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