Wednesday, 5 October 2011

LCC Policy Update

Questions and Answers from a recent exchange of correspondence with Cllr William Webb, Chair of LCC’s Highways Committee

1. In a letter to a neighbour you stated "...a review of the current policy on residents' parking schemes will be carried out" (i.e. separately from consideration of the current draft Parking Policy which merely refers to an extant Residents' Parking Policy). Am I correct to infer from your reply to me that such a review will not now take place?

Reply: Officers reviewed all of our existing policies before including them in the 'Parking Policy' that we consulted on. This includes our proposals for residents parking schemes which is similar existing policy but modified to take account of CPE. We will of course review all of the comments we have received, as a result of the recent consultation, before deciding on our final policy.

2. Am I correct to infer [from your reply to me] that the LCC is not prepared to endeavour to facilitate Residents' Parking Schemes being put in place before CPE comes into force?

Reply: As mentioned above our current and proposed policy on residents parking schemes is that these would be promoted by District Councils. At the present time there are no proposals by district councils to promote new residents parking schemes in the county so it is unlikely any new schemes will be introduced before or at the same time as Civil Parking Enforcement is introduced. As you may be aware the City of Lincoln Council have implemented a number of resident parking schemes  and we have facilitated these by carrying out the necessary legal processes

3. I notice that you use the phrase "body other than LCC", whereas the Draft Parking Policy document specifically says "District Councils". Is this significant? Are you opening the door for either our Town Council or a community group to take responsibility for Resident's Parking Schemes? 

Reply: I am sorry if I misled you on this; our current policy is that second tier councils would promote schemes.  This of course includes Boston Borough Council and City of Lincoln Council.

4. Whilst I understand that there is no legal imperative for bodies other than the LCC to be involved in the design and control of Residents' Parking Schemes, am I to assume that the LCC is not willing to consider changing its stance on this - and will continue to insist upon such bodies being involved?

Reply: As I explained in 1) above we are suggesting that our current policy on residents parking schemes is retained, however we will only determine our final policy once we have reviewed all of the comments we have received during this consultation.

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