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SKDC publishes FAQs on Residents' Parking

SKDC published the following FAQ document on Tuesday 23rd April.
Most of its contents are copied directly from the LCC's Parking Policy which was published in January. Those part of it which are not LCC policy have not yet been formally adopted by SKDC as its official policy........

Residents Parking Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

The increased enforcement of on street parking in town centres can have the effect of displacing parking to residential streets. This reduces the amount of parking available for residents as drivers who are worried about being given a ticket for parking use streets that have unregulated parking.
In some places residents can be caused significant inconvenience by all day parking outside their homes. Resident parking schemes can be an effective means of managing this situation.
The schemes are introduced to improve the opportunity for residents to find a parking space close to where they live.

Frequently asked questions:

Q)      What is the role of the District Council and County Council in promoting and implementing a Residents Parking Scheme? 

The principles of the local agreement will be:

·         District councils who choose to operate residents parking schemes will provide the local administration for the scheme.

·         The county council will manage the parking enforcement and parking regulations.
Any new schemes will have to be supported by the majority of the residents within a defined scheme area (by response to any consultation process) in order for the district council to promote the scheme to the County Council.

Brief outline of procedure:

·         Initial requests from residents received by district council.

·         Assessment surveys carried out – to include – availability of space; whether restricted or un-restricted; level and duration of parking taking place (registration number surveys and numerical counts).

·         If found that a scheme can be accommodated then Residents Surveys/Questionnaires produced and sent out to – assess their parking needs; their views of the problems; and if they want RPS introducing and are prepared to pay (at least 50% of the households within the scheme area must be in favour for the scheme to progress).

·         If response is positive detailed scheme drawn up and Traffic Regulation Order procedure is started.

·         If objections are received during the Traffic Regulation process the report will have to be taken to the County Council’s Planning and Regulation Committee.

·         If committee approve, then scheme can be introduced. However if objections are upheld then scheme may need to be revised or not progressed with.

Q)      What will the permits cost?
District councils who choose to introduce new schemes will determine locally the financing arrangements for introducing and operating schemes.

The introduction and operation of new residents parking schemes will be cost neutral to South Kesteven District Council.

Any additional enforcement costs incurred as a result of the new resident parking schemes will be included in the local operating costs for the scheme.

Income from Penalty Charge Notices issued in residents parking areas will be used to offset the enforcement costs for Lincolnshire County Council.

Residents will be informed at the consultation stage of the permit costs for a particular scheme.

Q)      How long does it take to implement a Resident Parking Scheme?
Whilst there are set response times for parts of the process around consultation and notices published and displayed in relating to the Traffic Regulation Order there is no fixed or statutory time limit to approve or reject the scheme. On average a scheme can take 12 to 18 months from start to implementation depending on the level of support or objections to the various stages.

Q)      Who approves Resident Parking Schemes?
Lincolnshire County Council Planning and Regulation Committee will consider and approve or  refuse permission for Resident Parking Schemes. If objections to the scheme are upheld by LCC’s committee then the scheme may need to be revised or not progressed.

Q)      Who administers the scheme once approved?
Residents parking schemes permits will be issued and administrated by South Kesteven District Council. (Subject to formal approval).

Q)      Who retains the fine income for on street Resident Parking Schemes?
Lincolnshire County Council will manage on street parking enforcement and parking regulations and will therefore retain income from Penalty Charge Notices.

Q)      Does the purchase of a permit for a Resident parking Scheme guarantee me a parking space?
The Resident Parking Scheme does not guarantee the availability of a parking space or a space outside the permit holder’s residence. It entitles the permit holder to park in a designated area subject to a parking space being available. 

Q)      How long would a permit be valid for?
Permits will be issued annually and are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

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  1. Glad they've had time to write FAQs. My FAQ is why are they so late with the application and when are they going to do something about it.

    Work should have been done on this project so, in relation to these FAQs I've asked Linda Neal:
    1. What’s the “defined scheme area"?

    2. What action's been taken in applying the “initial requests from residents” to the application procedure?

    3. What is the outcome of the “assessment surveys" that should have been carried out by now.

    4. Why haven't the “residents Surveys/Questionnaires” been distributed yet?

    5. What input do residents have in the consultation stage of the permit costs for a particular scheme”. (I've also suggested to her that she doesn't make it impossibly expensive so that the scheme doesn't work, as has happened before in another town. That would be embarrassing for her and a waste of money.)

    6. The FAQ mentions an ETA of 12-18 months. Given they've known about this need for well over 18 months this should be significantly reduced.

    7. On what basis can LCC refuse the application and what input can residents have in that?

    If anyone knows any of the answers to these questions I would be most interested to know. In the meantime, I await Linda's response to my email.


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