Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Summary of the current situation on the Stamford Campaign

Why is a Residents’ Parking Permit Scheme needed?
Many Stamford residents live in properties which have no off-street parking on streets which have a two-hour parking restriction during the daytime Monday to Saturday. This two hour limit has not been enforced for the past ten years, but enforcement will begin in the autumn when responsibility for all street parking  passes from the Police to the Lincolnshire County Council.  The enforcement will cause much inconvenience and expense to people who live in properties which have no off-street parking, particularly on Saturdays and particularly to those, mostly retired people, who do not often need to use their cars during the day.

What sort of scheme is being asked for?
All of the various residents’ groups in central Stamford agree that ‘Residents’ Only’ parking bays would be inappropriate in a situation where there is a scarcity of parking.  We have no problem with the idea that parking should always be on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.  We should simply like to have permits exempting us from the two-hour parking restriction on streets. We are not asking for free parking in SKDC car parks, and accept that our permits will not be free because the scheme should not be subsidised by our fellow council-tax payers. As reported in the Mercury last year “This is not a big ask”.

How can a scheme be brought in?
There has been much debate between LCC and the District Councils about this, but LCC has now adopted a policy on parking which allows District Councils to propose residents’ schemes for it to approve.

So what’s the problem?
Before Christmas, Linda Neal, the Leader of our District Council, the SKDC, was for the first time saying that she supported Residents’ Parking in Stamford and that SKDC would bring in a scheme. This was reported in the Stamford Mercury and was stated in emails she sent to campaigners.  On that basis it was our belief that SKDC was readying itself to start consultations on introducing a scheme.
However, last week, in an extraordinary volte-face, Mrs Neal told the St Peter’s Community Group that “Introducing a permit parking scheme is entirely outside the control of the District Council, and there is nothing that SKDC can do to initiate any permit parking scheme."  This is demonstrably untrue, and implies that Mrs Neal cannot be trusted to keep her word.  What is particularly despicable is that she has made this declaration at a point where there is very little time now left to have a scheme in place when enforcement begins in the autumn……

Why should you help us?
If residents who live on streets with a two-hour limit risk being fined when enforcement begins they will park on the nearest street where there are no restrictions, thus simply moving the problem of parking elsewhere in the town, so the problem does affect us all. 

What can you do?
Please support us by emailing SKDC Leader, Mrs Neal  , the Stamford Mercury  , & BBC Lincolnshire  to make your views known.

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