Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We are still talking, but is SKDC listening?

After the good news reported in the last post here just over a fortnight ago, a number of activists from across Stamford met and wrote the following letter to Mrs Linda Neal, the Leader of South Kesteven District Council.

" Dear Cllr Neal,
On behalf of our streets and local neighbourhoods, we are pleased that the need for permit parking in Stamford has been properly recognised by senior members of both SKDC and Lincolnshire CC, and hope that work will now be carried out to bring this about.

We understand that SKDC and LCC councillors, together with LCC Highways officers, are visiting the town in an attempt to address the implications of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) upon residents, businesses, and visitors. We should like to reiterate our support for a simple permit scheme, to be introduced simultaneously with CPE, and made available at a reasonable price to households that have no off-street parking who would otherwise face time-limited parking in the immediate area around their homes.

We also acknowledge that there needs to be a wider overall policy for parking in Stamford town centre.
Following this visit we would expect to see a process set in motion which will deliver a parking permit scheme in an appropriate timeframe as regards the implementation of CPE. We hope that both district and county councils recognise the importance of carrying out a detailed consultation to ensure any scheme takes account of local needs. We have asked LCC to introduce a feedback process to give us confidence that progress is being made. We would also appreciate it if SKDC could keep us updated.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work positively and constructively with all levels of local government towards the achievement of these objectives in a timely and efficient manner."

This letter was copied to all Stamford's SKDC councillors asking them to support its proposals.

The only response so far has been an expression of support from just one of the Stamford Councillors......

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  1. It is over a week since this was posted, and still no response from Mrs Neal. Time for some follow-up action, I think.....


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