Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stamford Updates

Update from LCC Cllr David Brailsford on Monday 14th November:
"Last Thursday, senior LCC Highways officers, a Corporate Director of SKDC, together with cllrs. Webb, Trollopre-Bellew, Hicks and myself spent the morning on a thorough fact finding tour of the areas of greatest concern with regard to the introduction of CPE.

The meeting was extremely positive, the ideal solution would be for CPE and Permits to come into force on the same day. I must stress that every effort will be made to reach this outcome, however it is my personal belief the timescale may not allow.

At this time it would be inappropriate for me to comment further, but rest assured both LCC and SKDC senior officials are in meaningful dialogue and town centre residents will be fully involved in the consultation process with SKDC."

Update from LCC Highways Chair Cllr William Webb also on 14th Nov:

"An extremely useful meeting between LCC members and officers of LCC and SKDC took place on Thursday last, and we walked around the whole of the centre of Stamford.
I know the town well as a regular visitor and after nine years at school  at Stamford.

I can do no more at the moment than affirm David Brailsford's e-mail to you.
Please be re-assured that with the support of SKDC we are working hard to come to a solution satisfactory to all."

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  1. Great - Sounds positive. Not sure why they wouldn't be able to have permits and CPE starting on the same day though!? There's not that much work needed surely?!
    A good result though. Well done Richard.
    Dean Cornish


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