Thursday, 30 August 2012


What would be the most effective ways to protest against SKDC's totally inadequate response to our requests for a permit scheme to be brought in before parking enforcement begins later this year?

We've already asked people to consider a picket of the next SKDC Cabinet meeting on 1st October, but please add your comments below about the sort of protests you think we should be considering....


  1. Keep it legal and keep it reasonable otherwise it is too easy to dismiss any action as 'crackpots'.

    What matters to most councillors is knowing that this is a major issue and one that is of sufficient concern that we will remember it come election time. We all need to write in to our own town, district and county councillors asking them a) what their stance is on this issue and b) to make sure that our views are heard in any meetings they attend.

    Press coverage of this also helps, so continue with the campaign in the mercury.

  2. I disagree with sjmmarsh. Action taken by 100 plus of us could not be dismissed as crackpot even if it amounts to civil disobedience.
    The councillors have all been written to dozens of times already. The issue has moved beyond that now...

  3. Start a campaign to get Stamford "moved" into Rutland (or Cambridgeshire, or Leicestershire, or Aberdeenshire, or anywhere that's not Lincolnshire).

    I'm getting seriously cheesed off with Stamford paying a significant sum into the coffers of SKDC, only to see very little by way of return, or suitable consideration given to the needs of the residents (not the small business owners/shop keepers note). The district council are entirely focussed on the needs of Grantham, you only need to read the SK Today magazine (that I don't want but pay for and get anyway) to see that.

    I'm a fairly recent "import" to Stamford, having moved over here from Norfolk after a change of job, but I must say that despite our district council in Norfolk facing similar challenges to SKDC, it was a darn sight better run.

    So how about it - Stamford, Rutland in place of Stamford, Lincolnshire anyone?

    1. Re service provision we are obviously at the far end of the food chain - witness that we do not even have decent recycling facilities. My own take on this is that we are so close to the county borders that SKDC are worried they are providing facilities that could be used by "foreigners" from neighbouring counties. Whatever the reason it is now becoming clear that regarding the parking situation the more noise we make the more attention we get although I am reminded that those with the least power are forced to shout the loudest.


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