Friday, 31 August 2012

SKDC is about to reveal all .......?

The SKDC officer in charge of parking policy has just told us the following:-

"SKDC's Communities Policy Development Group will be updated with regard to our off street car parks, as you are aware the deployment of Civil Enforcement Officers on street will be at the discretion of Lincolnshire County Council.

Earlier this week we put together a press statement for the Stamford Mercury and BBC Radio Lincolnshire which gives further details of where we are at with regard to residents parking schemes and also an indicative timescale now that we have been able to firm up the process with Lincolnshire County Council.

We should be in a position early next week to share with all community group representatives and other stakeholders the draft resident parking scheme, details of the proposed scheme areas for Stamford, a template for resident questionnaires, and the timeline for progressing schemes through the various stages up to implementation. "
Interesting that the word "Consultation" does not appear in his statement......

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  1. I've just been told by The Stamford Mercury that they are still waiting to receive the statement referred to above by Mr Cucksey!


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