Sunday, 2 December 2012

Stamford Parking Update

After much lobbying, Lincolnshire County Council has, at the eleventh hour, agreed a framework to allow SKDC to issue temporary permits which will allow residents exemption from the one and two hour time-limits on-street.

The details are to be worked out during the coming week. There will be no exemptions to the rules regarding single and double yellow lines - just exemption from one and two hour time limits where these apply.

We do not yet know what SKDC will do for those people who have already purchased special season tickets for the SKDC off-street car parks.

SKDC & LCC are working on putting permanent schemes in place by May or June next year. A questionnaire is to be sent to all households in the proposed zones shortly.

The bad news is that the draft questionnaire states that permits will cost in the range of £75 - £150 per annum. Clearly this is far too expensive - especially compared to neighbouring Rutland which levies a one off £15 fee for a permit!

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